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Board of Trustees Committees

Audit Committee
The Board of Trustees Audit Committee meets with the president to discuss and advise the full board on the results of completed and ongoing financial audits. Each year, the university prepares, presents and posts an Annual Financial Report. According to Utah law, the State Auditor is authorized and required to perform, on a regular basis, external financial reviews of the University of Utah. The annual Independent State Auditor’s Report is sent to the president of the University of Utah and Audit Committee of the University of Utah Board of Trustees. On a semiannual basis, the Trustees Audit Committee, along with the president, meets with the University Faculty Athletics Representative (FAR) and the Student-Athlete Ombudsperson to receive a report concerning the status of student-athlete welfare. The Board of Trustees Audit Committee meets at least three times a year, with additional meetings as needed. Committee membership consists of three to five members appointed by the chair, with at least three members being trustees. Members of the Audit Committee serve two-year terms or until their successors are chosen and qualified. When practicable, at least one of the committee members should have financial expertise, either through professional certification or experience.
Executive Committee
The Board of Trustees Executive Committee has full authority to act on routine matters during the interim between regular Board of Trustees meetings. The chair and vice chair of the Board of Trustees serve as the chair and vice chair of the Executive Committee. The chair of the Audit Committee also serves on the Executive Committee. Those three members select one or two additional Trustees to serve on the Executive Committee. Members of the Executive Committee serve two-year terms, or until their successors are chosen and qualified.
Honors Committee
The Board of Trustees Honors Committee, in consultation with the university president, recommends honorary degrees, recipients of portraits and other honors offered at the discretion of the committee. During spring semester of each year, the Honors Committee calls for honorary degree nominations from the university faculty, student body, staff, alumni and community at large. The university president and Honors Committee members collectively name a Commencement speaker and consider them for honorary degree designation. The Honors Committee also considers nominations for university-commissioned portraits after such requests have been submitted to and approved by the president. The Honors Committee is made up of six members, including the president of the Alumni Association, who serves as chair, and the ASUU president. The Trustees Executive Committee selects three Board of Trustees members and one faculty representative. Committee members, other than the ASUU president, serve two-year terms.