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Honorary Degree Recipients by Name (1892-2024)

*Eminent scientist. Awarded at meeting of Pacific Coast Division of the American Association for the Advancement of Science held at the University of Utah. See minutes of Board of Regents of June 22, 1922.


Abravanel, Maurice: Laws, June  1957
Albom, Mitch: Humane Letters, May 2011
Allen, David Robert: Master of Arts, 1907
Allen, Florence Ellinwood: Laws, August 1960
Anderson, A. Scott: Business, May 2007
Angleman, Sydney Winfield: Humane Letters, June 1968
Anker, Conrad: Humane Letters, May 2017
Archuleta, Robert (Archie): Humane Letters, May 2019
Ashby, Eric: Humane Letters, April 1979
Ashton, Alan C.: Science, June 1993
Ashton, Marvin J.: Laws, June  1984
Atiya, Aziz Suryal: Humane Letters, June 1968
Atiya, Lola M.: Humane Letters, June 1994
Atkinson, Pamela J.: Humane Letters, May 2024


Babcock, Maud May: Literature, 1938
Bachauer, Gina: Humanities, August 1971
Backman, Gustave Pollard: Laws, June 1959
Bailey, William: Humanities, June 1987
Baldwin, Samuel Clinton: Science, September 1944
Bamberger, Clarence: Laws, June 1968
Bamberger, Ernest: Laws, June 1956
Bangerter, Norman H.: Laws, June 1992
Battle, Frances P.: Education, May 2023
Beatty, Theodore Bruce: Laws, December 1946
Beeley, Arthur Lawton: Laws, June 1981
Bell, Terrel H.: Laws, June 1981
Bennett, Virginia Tanner: Fine Arts, June 1979
Bennett, Wallace F.: Laws, June 1971
Bennett, Robert F.: Laws, May 2005
Bennion, Adam Sharp: Laws, June 1957
Bennion, Lowell L.: Humane Letters, June 1982
Bennion, Milton: Education, 1931
Betz, A. Lorris: Science, May 2012
Benson, Ezra Taft: Laws, June 1953
Boorstin, Daniel J.: Humanities, June 1996
Bosone, Reva Beck: Laws, June 1977
Boyer, Ernest L.: Education, June 1993
Boyer, H. Roger: Business, May 2014
Bradley, Iver E.: Humane Letters, June 1992
Bradshaw, Afton B.: Humane Letters, May 2003
Brady, Rodney H.: Laws, June 1997
Brimhall, Lila Eccles: Fine Arts, June 1980
Brinton, Reed W.: Humane Letters, June 1998
Brockbank, W. Hughes: Laws, June 1976
Brooks, Juanita Leona: Humane Letters, June 1973
Brown, Hugh B.: Laws, August 1965
Brown, Wayne S.: Science, June 1986
Browning, William Concord: Engineering, June 1954
Burchinal, David Arthur: Laws, August 1968
Burton, H. David: Business, May 2012


Callister, Ellen G.: Humane Letters, June 2002
Callister, Louis H.: Laws, June 2002
Capecchi, Mario R.: Business, May 2008
Castleton, Kenneth B.: Humane Letters, June 1974
Catmull, Edwin E.: Engineering, May 2005
Chamberlin, Ralph Vary: Science, 1942
Child, William H. (Bill): Business, May 2003
Christensen, David Henry: Education, June 1948
Christensen, Sue D.: Humane Letters, May 2010
Christensen, Willam F.: Humane Letters, June 1978
Clark, Jr., J. Ruben: Laws, 1934
Clark, James H.: Science, June 1995
Close, William T.: Humane Letters, May 2001
Cluff, Leighton E.: Science, June 1989
Clyde, Edward W.: Laws, June 1981
Clyde, George Dewey: Laws, June 1962
Collins, James William: Laws, June 1951
Conder, Maxine: Science, June 1988
Condie, Richard P.: Humane Letters, June 1976
Copland, Aaron: Humanities, January 1966
Cosgriff, Mrs. Walter E.: Fine Arts, June 1989
Cottam, Walter Pace: Science, June 1963
Cowles, LeRoy Eugene: Humanities, October 1946
Crocker, Gary L.: Science, May 2019
Cumming, Annette P.: Humane Letters, May 2001
Cumming, Ian: Business, May 2004


Davis, The Rev. France A.: Humane Letters, June 1993
Decker, Anne Cullimore: Fine Arts, May 2015
Dick, Charles H.: Humanities, June 1995
Dern, George H.: Laws, 1934
Derrick, Royden Glade: Humanities, June 1965
Dick, Charles H.: Humanities, June 1995
Dixon, John Aldous: Science, June 1979
Durand, William Frederick: Laws, 1927
Durham, Christine M.: Laws, June 1998
Durham, George Homer: Laws, June 1977
Dumke, Ezekiel Ricker, Jr.: Humane Letters, June 1996
Dumke, Katherine W.: Humane Letters, May 2005
Dwyer, Robert Joseph: Laws, June 1967
Eardley, Armand J.: Science: August 1970
Eaton, George A.: Education, 1920


Eccles, C.Hope: Humane Letters, May 2021
Eccles, Cleone P.: Humane Letters, May 2004
Eccles, George Stoddard: Laws, June 1963
Eccles, Marriner Stoddard: Laws, 1943
Eccles, Spencer F.: Laws, June 1991
Edelman, Marian Wright: Humane Letters, June 1995
Emery, Alfred C.: Humane Letters, June 1973
Etzioni, Amitai: Laws, June 1991
Evans, David C.: Science, June 1987
Evans, Richard Lewis: Laws, June 1956
*Evermann, Barton Warren: Laws, June 1922
Eyring, Henry: Science, June 1952
Eyring, Henry B.: Humane Letters, May 2015


Fabian, Harold P.: Laws, August 1969
Fallows, James: Humane Letters, June 1989
Farr, May S.: Science, May 2019
Fay, Carol M.: Business, May 2009
Faust, James E.: Laws, June 2002
Ferrin, Arnie C.: Humane Letters, May 2005
Fisher, Irene S.: Humane Letters, May 2001
Fister, George Morgan: Laws, June 1964
Fitzpatrick, John Francis: Laws, June 1949
Fleming, Alexander: Science, March 1954
Fletcher, Harvey: Science, June 1944
Fletcher, James C.: Science, June 1971
Forsberg, Franklin S.: Laws, June 1974
Franklin, John Hope: Humane Letters, June 1978
Freed, David L.: Humane Letters, May 1999
Friendly, Fred: Laws, June 1985
Fuller, Mark: Engineering, May 2015


Gadsby, George Madill: Laws, June 1952
Gallivan, John William: Humane Letters, June 1977
Gardner, David Pierpont: Letters, June 1983
Gardner, John William: Humane Letters, August 1967
Gardner, Kem C.: Business, May 2016
Garff, Kendall D.: Laws, June 1989
Garn, Edwin J.: Laws, June 1992
Gay, Frank William: Business, May 2000
Gay, Lynette Nielsen: Humane Letters, May 2016
Gee, E. Gordon: Laws, May 2010
Gell-Mann, Murray: Science, June 1970
Ghiselin, Brewster: Humane Letters, June 1994
Glade, Earl Jay: Laws, June 1958
Goodman, Louis Sanford: Science, June 1969
Gorham, Maude Smith: Laws, February 1950
Gossett, William T.: Laws, June 1961
Gould, William R.: Science, June 1996


Haig, Jr. Alexander M.: Laws, September 1977
Hales, Robert D.: Humane Letters, June 1994
Hall, Tracy: Science, May 2004
Harriman, William Averell: Humanities, June 1966
Harrison, Richard A.: Laws, June 1983
Hatch, Orrin G.: Laws, May 2007
Henry, Alberta Mae: Humane Letters, June 1971
Hesburgh, Theodore M.: Humane Letters, June 1979
Higuchi, William: Science, May 2023
Hills, Lee: Humane Letters, February 1969
Hinckley, Gordon B.: Humane Letters, June 1992
Hinckley, Robert Henry: Humane Letters, June 1973
Holbrook, Donald B.: Laws, June 1990
Holding, R. Earl: Laws, June 1988
Holman, Frank Edward: Laws, June 1958
Holzapple, Joseph Randall: Laws, August 1970
Hook, Sidney: Humane Letters, August 1970
Hoopes, Lorenzo Neville: Laws, June 1975
Huntsman, Karen Haight: Humane Letter, May 2022
Huntsman, Jon M.: Science, June 1992
Huntsman, Jon M., Jr.: Humane Letters, May 2010
Hyde, Rosel Herschel: Laws, June 1967


Ibarra, Mickey: Humane Letters, May 2007
Irish, Carolyn Tanner (Rev.): Humane Letters, June 1997
Ivory, Ellis R.: Business, May 2011


Jacklin, Daniel Cowan: Science, 1942
Jacobsen, Florence S.: Humanities, June 1994
Jardine, James S.: Laws, May 2000
Jarvis, J. Boyer: Humanities, June 1989
Jennings, Jesse D.: Science, June 1980
Johannesen, Grant: Humanities, June 1966
Johnson, Tillman D.: Laws, 1939
Joklik, G. Frank: Science, June 1994
Jones, Howard Mumford: Laws, August 1966
Jory, Jon: Fine Arts, June 2002


Kamiya, Shotaro: Humane Letters, June 1972
Kendell, Richard E.: Humane Letters, May 2014
Kerr, Clark: Laws, June 1974
Kerr, Wm. Rolfe: Humane Letters, June 1993
Kimball, Camilla Eyring: Humane Letters, June 1981
Kimball, Spencer W.: Humane Letters, June 1981
Kingsbury, Joseph T.: Science, 1894
Kingsbury, Joseph T.: Laws, 1916
Kolff, Willem J.: Science, June 1983
Korologos, Tom C.: Humane Letters, May 2003


Landa, Ester R.: Laws, June 1978
Lassonde, Pierre: Business, May 2006
Leary, William H.: Laws, June 1944
Lee, Harold Bingham: Humanities, June 1964
Lee, Yong-Teh: Science, June 1998
Leavitt, Michael: Laws, May 2006
Lewis, Benjamin Rowland: Literature, 1943
Lewis, David Thomas: Laws: August 1971
Loynd, Harry Joseph: Laws, June 1962
Luttrell, Claudia Skaggs: Humane Letters, May 2008
Lyon, Dorsey A.: Science, June 1922


Mabey, Charles Rendell: Laws, June 1953
Macfarlane, James L.: Business, May 2004
Machen, J. Bernard: Humane Letters, May 2004
Madsen, Arch L.: Laws, June 1984
Madsen, Brigham D.: Humanities, June 1998
Marriott, Alice Sheets: Humane Letters, June 1974
Marriott, John Willard: Laws, June 1966
Marriott, Jr. J. Willard: Laws, June 1986
Marriott, Richard E. "Dick": Business, May 2023
Marshall, George M.: Literature, 1921
Marshall, Hyrum Leo: Laws, August 1960
Matheson, Norma Warenski: Humane Letters, June 1984
Matheson, Scott M.: Laws, June 1984
Matsen, John: Science, May 2006
Maxwell, Neal Ash: Laws, June 1969
McCarthy, Wilson: Laws, June 1951
McCullough, David: Humane Letters, May 2009
McIntyre, Jerilyn S.: Education, May 2012
McKay, David Oman: Letters, June 1951
McKnight, Joseph E.: Arts, 1916
McMurrin, Sterling Moss: Laws, June 1961
Mecham, L. Ralph: Laws, May 2007
Meldrum, Catherine Roper: Humane Letters, May 2024
Meldrum, Peter D.: Engineering Science, May 2009
Merrill, Jerald Hayden: Humane Letters, June 1975
Merrill, Joseph F.: Science, 1920
Mielzinger, Jo: Humane Letters: April 1972
Miller, Gail: Humane Letters, May 2017
Miller, James Roscoe: Laws, June 1949
Miller, Larry H.: Laws, June 1991
Milliken, Frank R.: Laws, June 1969
Misaka, Wataru (Wat): Humane Letters, May 2012
Moffat, David Douglas: Laws, June 1949
Monson, Thomas S.: Business, May 2007
Moran, John A.: Laws, June 1991
Morgan, Elmo R.: Engineering, June 1983
Moss, Frank Edward: Laws, June 1973
Moulopoulos, Spyridon D.: Science, June 1983
Moyle, Henry Dinwoodey: Laws, June 1959
Mulder, William: Humanities, May 1999
Murdock, Kent H.: Humanities, May 2008


Nahavandi, Houshang: Laws, June 1976
Neeleman, David G.: Business, May 2008
Neiderauer, George H.: Humane Letters, May 2005
Nikolais, Alwin: Humane Letters, June 1985
Nelson, Russell M.: Science, May 2021
Noorda, Raymond J.: Science, June 1994
Noorda, Lewena (Tye): Fine Arts, May 2014


Oblad, Alex G.: Science, June 1980
O’Connor, William Jerome: Laws, June 1960
O’Keefe, J. P.: Humane Letters, October 1971
Olpin, Albert Ray: Laws, June 1964


Papanikolas, Helen Zeese: Humane Letters, June 1984
Park, John Rockey: Laws, 1892
Parker, Steven G.: Engineering, May 2024
Parmley, Thomas J.: Science, June 1982
Parran, Thomas: Science, September 1944
Parry, Robert W.: Science, June 1997
Patel, Dinesh C.: Business, May 2008
Petersen, James E.: Laws, June 1985
Peterson, Chase N.: Laws, June 1991
Peterson, Esther: Humane Letters, June 1972
Peterson, Grethe B.: Humane Letters, June 1991
Phillips, Wendell: Science, June 1972
Pingree, Carmen B.: Education, May 2007
Porter, George: Science, May 1968
Price, Marcia: Fine Arts, May 2006
Pugh, Warren E.: Laws, June 1987
Pusey, Melo John: Laws, June 1975


Ramakrishnan, Venkatraman: Science, May 2011
Ramo, Simon: Science, June 1961
Rampton, Calvin L.: Laws, June 1970
Rampton, Lucybeth Cardon: Humane Letters, June 1976
Rawlins, Joseph W.: Laws, 1910
Rees, Thomas: Science, May 2013
Reston, James: Laws, June 1973
Rice, Joyce T.: Humane Letters, May 2011
Rice, Robert L.: Humane Letters, May 1999
Ridge, Tom: Laws, May 2004
Ries, Kristen: Science, May 2020
Ririe, Kirk M.: Science, May 2016
Ririe, Shirley R.: Fine Arts, May 1999
Riter, William W.: Laws,1919
*Robinson, James H.: Laws, June 1922
Robison, Shane: Engineering, May 2010
Romney, George Wilcken: Laws, June 1960
Romney, W. Mitt: Business, May 1999
Rosenblatt, Joseph: Humane Letters, June 1969
Rosenblatt, Roger: Humanities, June 1988
Rutter, William J.: Science, May 2021


Samuels, Barbara K.: Humane Letters, June 1985
Samuels, Leo Tolstoy: Science, June 1972
Schieffer, Bob: Humane Letters, May 2000
Schreiner, Alexander: Humane Letters, June 1968
Scowcroft, Brent: Humanities, June 1987
Scranton, William W.: Laws, June 1976
Seaborg, Glenn T.: Science, October 1970
Seitz, Frederick: Science, May 1968
Siciliano, Rocco C.: Laws, May 2001
Sherpa, Apa: Humane Letters, May 2013
Shriver, Eunice Kennedy: Education, May 2006
Sill, Sterling Welling: Laws, June 1953
Simmons, Roy W.: Humane Letters, June 1990
Singleton, W. Dean: Business, May 2010
Skaggs, Aline W.: Humanities, June 1990
Skaggs, L. S.: Laws, June 1970
Skidmore, Rex A.: Humanities, June 1996
Smith, Alex D.: Humane Letters, May 2014
Smith, Arthur K.: Humane Letters, June 1997
Smith, Camilla: Humane Letters, May 2023
Smith, George Albert: Humanities: February 1950
Smith, George D.: Humanities, May 2016
Smith, June  D.: Humane Letters, June 1997
Snow, Dorothy: Humane Letters, June 1993
Sorensen, Parry D.: Humane Letters, June 1990
Sorenson, Beverley Taylor: Fine Arts, May 2012
Sorenson, James L.: Science, May 2007
Spafford, Belle Smith: Laws, June 1972
Stegner, Wallace E.: Letters, May 1968
Stephens, Harold Montelle: Laws, June 1950
Sterling, J. E. Wallace: Humane Letters, June 1968
Stewart, William M.: Didactics, 1907
Sutherland, Ivan Edward: Science, May 2000
Swinyard, Ewart A.: Science, June 1986
Szent-Gyorgyi, Albert: Science, May 1968


Talmage, James E.: Laws, 1922
Tanner, Barbara L.: Humane Letters, May 2018
Tanner, Grace A.: Humane Letters, June  1995
Tanner, Nathan Eldon: Laws, August 1969
Tanner, Obert C.: Laws, June 1972
Thatcher, Roy D.: Laws, June 1947
Thayne, Emma Lou: Humane Letters, May 2000
Thomas, Andre Brantzeg: Humanities, 2013
Thomas, E. Parry: Business, May 2011
Thomas, George: Laws, 1940
Thompson, Jacqueline: Education, May 2022
Thrasher, E.W. (Al): Public Health, May 2003
Thurman, Samuel D.: Laws, June 1988
Toronto, Joseph B.: Science, 1916
Toynbee, Arnold Joseph: Humanities, June 1967
Traynor, Roger John: Laws, June 1963
Tyndale, William Robert: Laws, March 1946


Udall, Stewart Lee: Humane Letters, August 1968
Ulrich, Laurel Thatcher: Humane Letters, June 1992
Uno, Raymond S.: Laws, May 2018
Ussachevsky, Vladimir: Humane Letters, June 1986


Van Alstyne, Arvo: Laws, June 1984
Van Cott, Lucy May: Humanities, 1955
Van Cott, Waldemar: Laws, 1925


Wald, George: Science, June 1971
Wallace, Glenn Walker: Humane Letters, June 1975
Wallace, John McChrystal: Laws, June 1965
Wallace, William Ross: Laws, June 1948
Ward, Barbara: Laws, June 1965
Warner, Homer: Science, May 2006
Warnock, John E.: Science, June 1997
Warnock, Marva M.: Fine Arts, May 2009
Warren, Earl: Laws, June 1970
Watkins, Arthur Vivan: Laws, June 1959
Watkins, Ruth V.: Humanities, May 2022
Wattis, William H.: Laws, 1931
Weeks, Marta Sutton: Humane Letters, May 2005
Weigand, Bishop William K.: Humane Letters, June 1988
Widstoe, John A.: Laws, 1921
Williams, Clyde Elmer: Science, June 1946
Williams, J.D.: Laws, June 1996
Williams, Terry Tempest: Humanities, May 2003
Wilson, Owen Meredith: Laws, June 1962
Wintrobe, Maxwell Myer: Science, June 1967
Woodbury, Joan J.: Fine Arts, May 1999
Wylie, C. Ray: Science, June 1995


Young, Levi Edgar: Humanities, June 1960


Zimmerman, Michael D.: Laws, May 2001
Zucker, Louis C. Humane: Letters, June 1982